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Human resource training programs can provide you with the specific skills you need to be a professional and correct deficiencies in your performance. There are many ways of training, but the importance of it is to let the trainees be motivated to learn more, and this can be achieved by letting the training sessions be entertaining and competitive.

PATH offers two kind of Trainings; Training courses and Training seminars.

However, in addition to human resource training programs, PATH has also the capability to offer accounting training programs.   

Training courses at PATH, is to solve this problem by introducing to the academic community practical programs that cover the full scope of the accounting function, specifically highlighting the following areas:

  • Accounting data entry
  • Financial statements preparation
  • Income tax on profit practices and declarations
  • Income tax on salaries practices and declarations
  • Value added tax practices and declarations
  • National social security fund practices and declarations
  • Human Resource
  • IT

The training courses take place in the regular working hours at Majzoub & Partners, CPAs workplace. This approach plans to familiarize fresh graduates not only with the practical human resource and accounting practices and tasks, but also with the real life human resource and accounting environment. In this sense, trainees will not be treated as students in a lecture; they will be trained to be professional accountants handling full responsibility. 

A training certification will be given to the trainees who attended the course successfully.
"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."




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